March 16, 2016


my name's ataska.
i'm a 14 year old intersectional feminist & performing artist from the philippines.
i'm managed by viva entertainment & i was also on the voice kids philippines season two, which was really fun.

i guess i'm starting this blog because i just really want to post about my life and the things i love the most: music, arts, pop culture, fashion/style & feminism. 

i had a cringey wix blog and another blogspot, which i have abandoned (i'm so sorry) because i never really felt satisfied with my writing. (ugh)

but now that i'm older, i think i'll probably make this blog better (??)

so yeah. 


  1. Hi Taskiiii! I really love your blogs but can I ask how you customize your template and your whole blog? Thanks! xoxo

  2. Keep it up ataska...we're just here to support you..