hi, i'm ataska- a 15 year old viva artist, singer-performer, recording artist, theater & tv actor and intersectional feminist from the philippines.
in june 2015 i joined the voice kids and i was a three chair turner, but i only got in until the battle rounds.
i didn't give up, though. in august 2015 i signed with viva and now i have released 3 songs under viva records, atras-abante kaif i fall in love & pana.
i also played pepper inannie the musical in manila, that ran from september-december 2016.
i was part of a miniseries on sari sari channel 3 called "taddy taddy po" & i played one of the lead roles- paige.
other than singing, i also like to ocassionally write on my blog and create visual art.
i am a lover of music, arts, film, fashion and standing up for what's right.
i like to describe myself as a very determined and passionate person.
my ultimate goal is to be known by millions of people so that i to inspire each and every one of them with my talents and advocacies.
dream big. work hard. inspire more. xx


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