July 4, 2016

an open letter to my eighteen year old self.

dear eighteen year old ataska:

hello. i hope you're happy. (wow, that sounded a lil cliche...) i don't really know what to say, heh. okay um... how's school? i hope you're doing well in your studies. (your 14 year old self sometimes procrastinates- i hope that you've stopped that bad habit.) i hope that you've achieved your dreams and goals by having a wonderful and successful career and the room/home you've always wanted!!! have you inspired lots of people? have you made your family proud? have you gone on tour and traveled the world? have you performed in front of thousands of people? if those things happened already then, congrats! you're living the dream. if you haven't [done those things] yet, please promise me this: do not ever give up. do not stop believing. do not stop working hard and don't lose hope in your dreams.
i hope you're happy, seriously. (i know i said this already but) i hope you are genuinely happy and i hope you, mama and papa are finally living a good life. yeah. a happy, healthy, wealthy and positive life filled with incredible memories and answered prayers. hihi.

now that you're ~eighteen~ i hope that you forget all your regrets and realize things you have not realized before. i hope you have a true circle of friends, i hope that you've fulfilled your greatest dreams. i hope you finally met/sang with your favorite musicians. (do you still like them at 18?)
i hope that everything is great. i hope that your dream 18th birthday became a reality! (alice in wonderland) i reaally wish all your wishes came true. (wow, i'm so redundant)
have you directed any films? designed any dresses? your album, is it platinum?

well, if you've checked off everything on your mental bucketlist, then, i'm proud of you.

if you've checked off at least half of it, i'm still proud of you. no matter what, i'm just glad because:

you've made it this far, kid. |-/

always listen to your parents- always pray- and never forget where you came from.

14 year old ataska


(btw wag ka muna mag love life, please)

ps: i have so many more but here are some follow up questions-
  • have you raised awareness to feminism in the ph?
  • have you done any plays on broadway?
  • have you filmed your first movie?
  • who's your ka- love team? ;)

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